NC Transportation Center of Excellence in Advanced Technology Safety and Policy

Led by the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, the NC Transportation Center of Excellence in Advanced Technology Safety and Policy, or TSAP (pronounced “tee-sap”) for short, is a three-year research program focused on improving existing infrastructure to advance road safety, mobility, and accessibility, building knowledge on the role of connected and automated vehicles in roadway safety and mobility, with an emphasis on economic impact and data.

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TSAP, A Partner in Ensuring a Safe, Efficient Transportation Future for North Carolina

Advanced transportation technologies, while disruptive, offer both opportunities and challenges. These technologies have resulted in new travel modes such as micro-mobility and ride-hailing services in North Carolina and are soon expected to bring even more advanced options to the state, like Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs). As the presence of CAVs and other new mobility modes increase in North Carolina, TSAP will play an important role in ensuring that North Carolina has a safe, efficient transportation future.

TSAP is one of three university research programs to receive a $1 million NC Department of Transportation grant, awarded in February 2020, through the Transportation Center of Excellence Initiative to study future transportation challenges in North Carolina and develop ways to improve safety and mobility. View complete NCDOT announcement here.